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Thinking of selling? Learn how my proactive strategies and resources can help you achieve maximum value for your most important asset.


I commit to my buyers finding the home of their dreams and to having a good time doing it!

What is my home worth?

Use my free tool to not only lean the value of your home but how to leverage it to build weath.

Thinking of selling?

I've got your back.

Learn how my proactive strategies and resources can help you achieve maximum value for your most important asset. My commitment to your success starts at our first consultation.

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How much is my home worth?

Use my free app to instantly answer not only that question but learn how to leverage your most important asset to build wealth.

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..but you could use a partner who knows the market, your needs, and what it takes to get an offer accepted.
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Nathan Murrell

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Why work with me?

Trying to find a new home when you live out of the immediate area (in a pandemic no less) is incredibly difficult! Nathan made it as easy as humanly possible, and we were immediately impressed by his responsiveness and knowledge of all the ins-and-outs of LA real estate.

We also felt that Nathan really "got us" and understood what we were looking for - steering us away from listings that would have frustrated us or wasted our time. Being an artist, Nathan also has an impeccable sense of taste and was definitely able to show us some special places that we would have not otherwise seen. We would HIGHLY recommend him for anyone looking in the LA area. Best of luck in your search!

Rachel R.

Nathan is really great to work with. We consulted with him about selling our home and really enjoyed his honesty and sense of humor. The best part was that it never felt like he was trying to sell us something or talk us into what HE wanted us to do. Instead, he focused on our goals and gave us some great ideas. When the time comes we will 100% be listing with Nathan and have already recommended him to several friends.

Eric H.

After meeting him at an open house we decided to switch from the agent we had been working with and continue our home search with Nathan. We were not disappointed. He couldn't have been more on top of our search, it's like he could read our minds! We made a few offers with him and had a few heartbreaks but he really kept us grounded and focused on moving forward. No one tells you how emotional buying a home can be but he did everything possible to ease the pain.
Everything is for a reason and when we felt like hope was fading we got a text from Nathan; he had found "the one". It was so perfect I cried, two stories, a nice yard, more bathrooms than anyone would ever need, we had to have this home but the competition was fierce! Nathan coached us through the offer and after some back and forth we were in escrow for the house of our dreams.
Here is my commercial for Nathan: Are you interested in buying a house? Want an agent that treats you like a human being? Call Nathan.

Melanie W

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